Manual Wheelchair 

Powered Wheelchair no 16

Powered Wheelchair no 11

We hire manual or powered wheelchairs

The powered wheelchairs, with left or right hand controls, that we rent out, are the “basic standard design”, unlike some customers whose own wheelchairs are designed for their individual needs, eg tilt in space/recline etc. 

All chairs have lights and seat belts and some of our chairs have swing away controls for ease of use at restaurants. 

Please note that the arms do not move out of the way for sideway transfers. 

I also need to know your height and weight and if you have used a mobility scooter or an electric powered wheelchair before and what type of disability you have if any (stroke, reduced mobility ect)

(if left handed please mention this when confirming rental)

Seat width  40cm (16inch), 45cm (18inch), 50cm (20inch)

Manual Wheelchairs (45cm) are self propelled with detachable arms & legs.

Please note that these foldable chairs are the lightweight version (14kg)